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The road goes ever on and on…

It’s not official yet, but it’s close enough—I’ve finished graduate school. I have a Master’s of Science. And I’m about to get married and take my first European vacation in over ten years. (I fell in love with Europe on that trip so long ago; I look forward to doing so again.) Oh, and I […]

Librarian week in the life, part 2

My first adventure into the Library Day in the Life project wraps up! Here’s how the rest of the week looked. (If you’re interested in Monday and Tuesday, my internship days, you can read about them in part 1.) Wednesday 6:30 am: I drag myself out of bed later than I’d intended. The morning is […]

Librarian week in the life, part 1

Twice a year, Bobbi Newman (Librarian By Day) organizes the Library Day in the Life project. This week marks the first time that I’ve participated. I’ve been active on Twitter (@BindObs, #libday8), and I’ve been logging more-detailed daily projects in a notebook. I was going to post these notes at the end of the week, but […]

Photographic processes pop-up book

One of my classes this semester focused on photographic archives. The class culminated in a group assignment for which we were given a fairly free reign, and my group, which was working on the identification of photographic processes, decided to create a pop-up book (along with an Excel spreadsheet with additional information). This book presented […]

Hello, new job!

In September, I had the luck of landing a part-time job at Simmons College’s Beatley Library, as the book mending and repair student worker. It’s been a great experience already. (And many thanks to Jillian and Judy for allowing me to write about those experiences here!) Because there’s no preservation librarian at Beatley, the book repair […]

Preservation and conservation services at the MIT libraries

During the last session of my Collection Maintenance class, we visited Preservation and Conservation Services at the MIT Libraries, housed in the Wunsch Conservation Laboratory. Located in the basement of Hayden Library, the department handles preservation; reformatting; shelf, exhibit, and disaster preparation; conservation treatment; and outreach. We spent some time talking with both Anne Marie Willer, […]

Acme Bookbinding and Harcourt Bindery

On Friday, our class had the privilege of touring Acme Bookbinding (and the connected Harcourt Bindery). Acme is a family business based in Charlestown, MA, and it’s an impressive operation (you can read about the company’s history here). The president, Paul Parisi, took two hours out of his busy day to show us around, and it was […]

Exhibition mounts

One of the best ways to promote an institution’s collections—especially special collections and archives—is through exhibitions. There are a number of points to consider when putting on an exhibition, but there are plenty of resources available on this topic, and since I don’t have any direct experience putting on an exhibit, I won’t be going […]