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Acme Bookbinding and Harcourt Bindery

On Friday, our class had the privilege of touring Acme Bookbinding (and the connected Harcourt Bindery). Acme is a family business based in Charlestown, MA, and it’s an impressive operation (you can read about the company’s history here). The president, Paul Parisi, took two hours out of his busy day to show us around, and it was […]

The lost Gutenbergs

Early last month, The Saint ran a piece on The Lost Gutenbergs, a project started in 2007 by Tim Yancey. Its aim is to bind all 128 remaining copies of the Cooper Square Gutenberg Bibles (a facsimile printed in 1961 in a run of 1000) in 15th century bindings. It’s estimated that each binding takes 500 to 600 hours of […]