The Author

Jackie Divis DoyleJackie Divis Doyle (née Smith) is a publishing, book-arts, and library professional. A former English major who has worked for over seven years in scientific publishing, Jackie received her master’s degree in Library and Information Science from Simmons College, where she focused her studies on preservation and special collections.

At Binding Obsession, Jackie blogs about book arts, libraries, and preservation; acts as webmaster; and does all binding work for the shop. In whatever spare time she has left, Jackie pursues hobbies such as knitting, classical singing, and vegetarian and vegan cooking. She can often be found wandering around the Pioneer Valley with her faithful canine companion, Bandit, cooing over and taking pictures of interesting plant and animal life.

Her heroes are J.R.R. Tolkien; Jacques Cousteau; Carl Sagan; and one Richard Joseph Divis, veteran, engineer, grandfather, and all-around excellent human.


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