Midnight landscape: a long-stitch album

The blog has been conspicuously quiet for some months; I hope my readers will forgive the silence, especially since this relative reticence might continue for some time. In just over two months, my husband and I will be packing up all of our worldly possessions and moving away from the city that I have loved so dearly for so long. It is not easy for me to leave this place, but the universe has been sending us signals that now, rather than later, is the time, and better things (including the sweetest puppy in the world) await us in our new home.

In addition to the lack of blogging, I’m sorry to say that there has not been much bookbinding since the holidays. However, I did work on one commissioned project: a hardcover album based on the long-stitch structure. I love long-stitch for its simplicity as well as its aesthetic, so it was interesting to take it a step further and meld it with a hard case—not to mention some lovely chiyogami paper. This was my first time making a hardcover long-stitch album, and I improvised the structure based upon my experiences making and repairing cased-in bindings and sewing limp (faux-)leather long-stitch journals. Although it’s not without its minor flaws, I’m pleased with the result, and I hope that the recipients will be, too.

Midnight Landscape long-stitch photo album, cover

Midnight Landscape long-stitch photo album, spine

Midnight Landscape long-stitch photo album, opened

Midnight Landscape long-stitch photo album, splayed

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