The Binding Obsession shop: Open for business

When I decided several weeks ago to officially launch the Binding Obsession shop on November 1, I had no idea of the devastation that would directly precede this event. Here in Boston, Sandy did relatively little damage; our home never even lost power. But having grown up on Long Island, I have a lot of friends and family in New York (not to mention some Boston-based friends currently residing in Hoboken and Cape May), and much of my husband’s family lives in New York and New Jersey, as well. At one point, my own parents’ house, right on the Great South Bay, was without electricity, surrounded by water, and in serious danger of being completely flooded. I can’t help feeling helpless, like I should be there with my loved ones—but the truth is that right now, there’s nothing I can do. In short, although it feels wrong to follow through with the launch in the wake of all this damage, in an effort to maintain some sense of normalcy, I’ve decided to continue forward.

Binding Obsession’s books out in the wild.

The shop is broken down into three sections: long-stitch journals in faux leather, coptic books with decorative-paper covers, and cased-in notebooks covered in book cloth and featuring upcycled labels as decorations. Some of these (in particular, the cased-in books) are likely to be one-off items, but for others, like the long-stitch and coptic journals, I have enough materials on hand for multiple copies—so if an item you want gets sold, don’t worry, because it—or something very similar—may well show up in the shop again.

Admittedly, the offerings at present are somewhat meager, but I’ll keep adding to the stock over the coming weeks and months. I also already have plans for improvements once I run through the materials I have on hand:

  • Mohawk Superfine for all text blocks. Superfine is a high-quality paper that comes in multiple shades and textures, and it’ll be easier to work with a single supplier.
  • Cased-in notebooks with cloth spines and decorative-paper covers will most likely be added to the stock.
  • A thicker, more durable faux leather is lined up for future long-stitch journals. The alternative faux leather is available in many more colors, too, which means a more varied and exciting product line-up. I might change up the sewing patterns/structure on these, as well.

I, for one, am very much looking forward to these changes. In the meantime, however, I hope you’ll enjoy what the shop has to offer.


  • I am so glad that you decided to go ahead with the opening. It feels exactly right to go on with normal life when possible. Congratulations, it looks wonderful!

    clareobdoyleNovember 1, 2012

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