Binding Obsession: One year down

One year ago today, Binding Obsession launched in earnest. Since then, I’ve slowly been crawling my way out of obscurity and making a name for myself in the professional library world. I’m pleased with my progress thus far. When Binding Obsession started, it was essentially just a blog. Since then, I’ve tried to supplement these posts with various static resources pages. I hope to expand upon and add to these sections in the coming year, and indeed, for the life of the site.

This year will also bring more significant opportunities, which I’d like to take the time to share with you now. First is that I am lucky enough to be getting married in September. In light of the fact that my name will be changing right around the same time I’ll be graduating from my master’s program at Simmons College, I’ve elected to start using my future name professionally a bit ahead of schedule. Thus, you may have noticed that in the past two weeks, “Jackie Smith” changed to “Jackie Divis Doyle.” (Divis is my mother’s maiden name, which I’m taking as my middle name to honor the memory of my grandfather; Doyle is, of course, the surname of my husband to be.) I hope that making this transition now will be less disruptive than it would be to do so later, even if it’s not technically accurate right now.

Second—and more importantly for you, my dear readers—is that I have, at last, started the process of getting a Binding Obsession Etsy shop running! It’s been my hope from the start that I might be able to make my work available to others, and I’m really looking forward to making this dream a reality. Given my other commitments between now and September, it will be several months before the shop is truly up and running (in fact, it’s entirely empty now, and will almost definitely continue to be for several months), but by the end of the year there should be a number of blank notebooks for sale. I will, of course, post a notice when this time has arrived. When it has, take a look! Tell your friends! Do other things involving multiple exclamation points and ill-placed ones!!1

The next few months will continue to be quite busy for me, but I’m looking forward to focusing on the new shop, partaking in the experience we all know and love as The Great Job HuntTM, and attending a few workshops/short-term classes to improve my bookbinding and conservation skills after graduation. And of course, as always, I’ll be blogging. Stay tuned!

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