Two semesters down

Life was pretty crazy last month, between work, classes, and moving into a new apartment. The move happened right around the end of the semester, which was stressful to say the least. Luckily, I was only taking two classes this semester (although one of them, a cataloging course, was extremely time consuming); I’m not sure how I would have managed it otherwise. In the end, though, I managed to retain my 4.0 GPA, got the move done early, and still did far more blogging than I expected to.

But what was the reason for the reduced course load? I was hoping to take a class only offered during the summer—Collection Maintenance. It’s held at the North Bennett Street School, and it’s a combination lecture/hands-on experience course that teaches you what you need to know about running and maintaining a collection maintenance program, as well as basic some book repair skills. I was initially on the waitlist, but I did finally get into the class, and I could not be more excited for it to start.

When I considered a few weeks ago how nice it would be to have a month off between classes to get in some casual reading and start my first few bindings, I neglected to consider all the time I would need to spend unpacking and cleaning the new apartment. I’m still not done, and I’ve also agreed to take on some extra hours at work, so—poof!—there goes that extra time. I still hope to work on some bindings, but I’m in no rush (I’ve clearly found plenty of other material to write about), and I actually think the hands-on experience in my summer class will compliment my self-teaching quite well.

I do have plans to set up a bookbinding/crafting area, which I’ll show off once it’s set up. In the mean time, the one thing I have finished setting up is my workspace. I work from home, and it really helps me to have a clean, well-organized space. It’s not perfect yet, but I thought I’d share it anyway—a window into my mind, if you will.

Where I spend 20+ (now 30+) hours per week.

Where I spend 20+ (now 30+) hours per week.

You’ll notice reference books on the top left of the desk, and some of my favorite books for inspiration on the bottom right; the lighter bookcase holds the rest. There are also plants everywhere—another form of inspiration. The cabinet on the left hides some office supplies, a few rarely used books, and some electronics, including an external hard drive that’s fully usable from within the cabinet. The laptop obviously isn’t a permanent fixture. It plugs into a power strip in the cabinet, which means that wires are out of the way, but it’s still relatively mobile. Similarly, my cell phone charger comes up through the cabinet and into the top drawer—accessible, yet invisible. Perfection!

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