In the news: Information overload

The problem of information overload is not unique to librarians and academics—we are all constantly being inundated with things begging for our attention. If we accept this as the Information Age (and, as Robert Darnton notes, perhaps we shouldn’t), it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is also the Knowledge Age. With so much data flying around, how deeply can we really explore any of it? (Consider this my own little readers’ advisory: Whenever I think about this topic, I’m reminded of Don DeLillo’s wonderful novel White Noise. Find it. Read it.) Inspired by a recent post on Hack Library School, here are a few interesting pieces on this topic.

From NPR

There’s a lot of information out there, online and otherwise. How are we to keep up? Better yet, should we?

From the San Francisco Chronicle

Researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, have found that multitasking may harm short-term memory.

From the Chicago Sun-Times

Roger Ebert considers what it means to be well-read.


Lifehack offers a few helpful suggestions on what we can do to cope.

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How has information overload affected your life? What techniques have you used to help tame the tide?

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