In the news: Featured libraries

For the general public, the image of what a library is has been defined by their experience in school libraries and public libraries. Those who have attended college are also familiar with the academic library environment. But what about private and corporate libraries? This post features some libraries that the rest of us will probably never see—as well as some that we might.

From 60 Minutes

In early April, 60 Minutes reported on a trip to the library at the Vatican. The full video segment is available online, so take a look. See also the related written article.

From The Desk Set

Many businesses also have their own libraries—and librarians. One Friday this spring, a small group of librarians was given a tour of the library at The New Yorker.

From USA Today

You might be surprised by the treasures you’ll find in the country’s great libraries. USA Today presents ten great places to take a library tour.

From Daily Mail

A panorama of the Strahov Philosophical Library in Prague is also the largest photograph ever taken indoors. A video accompanies the article, and the full panorama is available on 360 Cities.

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