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My studio

Or, more aptly, my workspace. It’s not really worthy of the word studio, since the room it’s in is devoted to many uses, but maybe one day I’ll have a space that for my crafting alone. In any case, I remember writing, some time ago, about setting up a bookbinding area in my apartment, but […]

Hello, new job!

In September, I had the luck of landing a part-time job at Simmons College’s Beatley Library, as the book mending and repair student worker. It’s been a great experience already. (And many thanks to Jillian and Judy for allowing me to write about those experiences here!) Because there’s no preservation librarian at Beatley, the book repair […]

Preservation and conservation services at the MIT libraries

During the last session of my Collection Maintenance class, we visited Preservation and Conservation Services at the MIT Libraries, housed in the Wunsch Conservation Laboratory. Located in the basement of Hayden Library, the department handles preservation; reformatting; shelf, exhibit, and disaster preparation; conservation treatment; and outreach. We spent some time talking with both Anne Marie Willer, […]

Two semesters down

Life was pretty crazy last month, between work, classes, and moving into a new apartment. The move happened right around the end of the semester, which was stressful to say the least. Luckily, I was only taking two classes this semester (although one of them, a cataloging course, was extremely time consuming); I’m not sure […]