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Workbench discovery: Related bindings

Late last year, two books (amongst many others) came in for repairs. I noticed that they had very similar blind stamping on the covers, and upon closer examination, I realized that (unsurprisingly) they had come from the same publisher: James Nichol, Edinburgh. The two books were published five years apart, but the publisher’s stamping and […]

Workbench discovery: Paper mystery

Late last year, an interesting book came into the repair area. It needed a basic paper repair—the first few leaves of the text block had fallen out. At first, I thought that those pages were printed on a different paper, since they had yellowed (and cracked) much more severely than the others. However, I then […]

Workbench discovery: Map

I’ve written very little about my work at Beatley, mostly because it was such a busy term for me. But I do have a few interesting tidbits I’d like to share—interesting discoveries I’ve made while working on different books. These “Workbench discovery” entries will probably be short, but I hope they’ll always be fun. This […]