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Here I am hard at work on the surface-cleaning project. Beneath the eraser in my hand are eraser crumbs, which I'm gently moving in small circles. This is enough to get some grime off of the surface—as evidenced by my before-and-after shot in the previous internship post.

Reflecting on my internship at Baker Library

At the end of March, I finished up my three-month internship at Baker Library (Harvard Business School), where I worked with Priscilla Anderson, Lisa Clark, and Noah Sheola. Between end-of-semester projects, wedding and honeymoon planning, and other projects, though, I haven’t had a good chance to really sit down and reflect upon my experiences there. […]

The dust jacket is now much sturdier than it was previously. Here you can also faintly see that two of the signatures are made from paper of a slightly different quality; they've yellowed more than the others.

Dust jacket repair

During a recent visit to my favorite used book store, the Brattle Book Shop, I stumbled across a book that I thought would make a great gift for a friend of mine, who will soon be moving out to Chicago to start work on a Ph.D. in astrophysics. In light of the skills I’ve learned […]

Probably my best repair yet.

Learning about paper repair

Friday the 17th was the first session of my Collection Maintenance class, taught by Donia Conn and held at the North Bennet Street School. It was a lot of fun. The format of the class is half lecture/half hands-on learning. This week’s focus, after the introduction, was paper, and after spending the morning learning about how […]