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The lost Gutenbergs

Early last month, The Saint ran a piece on The Lost Gutenbergs, a project started in 2007 by Tim Yancey. Its aim is to bind all 128 remaining copies of the Cooper Square Gutenberg Bibles (a facsimile printed in 1961 in a run of 1000) in 15th century bindings. It’s estimated that each binding takes 500 to 600 hours of […]

Incunabula: The Nuremberg Chronicle

A news story in Sandy, Utah caught my eye the other day. Rare book dealer Ken Sanders was doing $2 appraisals at an antiques fundraiser, when someone walked in with a 1494 copy of the Nuremberg Chronicle. For the uninitiated, books printed in the 15th century are known in the rare-book trade as incunabula, Latin […]