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Binding Obsession at Transformations

Binding Obsession continues its rampage through Hopewell, New Jersey unabated. Although I won’t be at the 40th Annual Transformations Art & Craft Show in person, my books will be! (Alongside, once again, the always-lovely work of Everlasting Blossoms.) If you’re in the area, please consider stopping by to show your support for local artists and artisans—and to […]

Binding Obsession at the Hopewell Harvest Fair

After much suspense, I can now officially confirm that Binding Obsession will be at the Hopewell Harvest Fair in New Jersey next weekend. I’ll be sharing a table with two delightful ladies, Karin of Everlasting Blossoms and Jordan of Fits to a Tee. This will be my first time vending, and the day is about much more […]

Not dead yet

It’s been ages since the Binding Obsession  blog was active; readers have my most sincere apologies. The past few months have brought numerous changes, and blogging (not to mention bookbinding) time has been short—virtually nonexistent. The last day that a blog entry was schedule to post, Boston—not to mention I—was changed forever. I don’t usually link […]

Midnight landscape: a long-stitch album

The blog has been conspicuously quiet for some months; I hope my readers will forgive the silence, especially since this relative reticence might continue for some time. In just over two months, my husband and I will be packing up all of our worldly possessions and moving away from the city that I have loved so dearly […]

The Binding Obsession shop: Open for business

When I decided several weeks ago to officially launch the Binding Obsession shop on November 1, I had no idea of the devastation that would directly precede this event. Here in Boston, Sandy did relatively little damage; our home never even lost power. But having grown up on Long Island, I have a lot of friends and family in New […]

Welcome to the new Binding Obsession

After many hours of fumbling around with DNS, .htaccess, PHP, databases, plug-ins, CSS, and SEO; reorganizing post categories and tags, menus, and static pages; updating far too many broken links and featured images; revising the About page; and creating some new visual content, I’m pleased to announce that Binding Obsession’s move to self-hosting and official […]

Potential downtime this weekend

Starting tomorrow (or perhaps this evening, if I’m feeling up to it), Binding Obsession will be making the move to a self-hosted installation. has been good to me, but I’m starting to feel stifled by its limitations, and if I’m going to spend money to make this website look the way I want it […]

The road goes ever on and on…

It’s not official yet, but it’s close enough—I’ve finished graduate school. I have a Master’s of Science. And I’m about to get married and take my first European vacation in over ten years. (I fell in love with Europe on that trip so long ago; I look forward to doing so again.) Oh, and I […]