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In the News: E-books, E-books, and more E-books

I’ve written about E-books here before—as both a book lover and a digital native, and someone who does plenty of reading in both formats, I find this subject of great importance. I’ve been hoarding a lot of articles on this subject of the past few months, so this will be a long one—and there should be something […]

Reflecting on my internship at Baker Library

At the end of March, I finished up my three-month internship at Baker Library (Harvard Business School), where I worked with Priscilla Anderson, Lisa Clark, and Noah Sheola. Between end-of-semester projects, wedding and honeymoon planning, and other projects, though, I haven’t had a good chance to really sit down and reflect upon my experiences there. […]

Librarian week in the life, part 2

My first adventure into the Library Day in the Life project wraps up! Here’s how the rest of the week looked. (If you’re interested in Monday and Tuesday, my internship days, you can read about them in part 1.) Wednesday 6:30 am: I drag myself out of bed later than I’d intended. The morning is […]

Librarian week in the life, part 1

Twice a year, Bobbi Newman (Librarian By Day) organizes the Library Day in the Life project. This week marks the first time that I’ve participated. I’ve been active on Twitter (@BindObs, #libday8), and I’ve been logging more-detailed daily projects in a notebook. I was going to post these notes at the end of the week, but […]

Images of a library

In an earlier post, I mentioned that many people have tried to express the intangible benefits of libraries, and far better than I would be able to. The truth is that even now, I don’t fully know what a library is to me—I’m still morphing, growing, and while I don’t mean to suggest that growth […]

In the news: Featured libraries

For the general public, the image of what a library is has been defined by their experience in school libraries and public libraries. Those who have attended college are also familiar with the academic library environment. But what about private and corporate libraries? This post features some libraries that the rest of us will probably […]

Libraries and the digital future

Between shrinking state and institutional budgets, growing e-book sales, and the widespread availability of information on the Internet, there’s a lot of talk about what place libraries have in today’s—and tomorrow’s—society. Traditionally, public libraries have (seemingly) existed primarily to provide patrons with print materials. Is there a place for them in the digital future, or […]