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Photographic processes pop-up book

One of my classes this semester focused on photographic archives. The class culminated in a group assignment for which we were given a fairly free reign, and my group, which was working on the identification of photographic processes, decided to create a pop-up book (along with an Excel spreadsheet with additional information). This book presented […]

My studio

Or, more aptly, my workspace. It’s not really worthy of the word studio, since the room it’s in is devoted to many uses, but maybe one day I’ll have a space that for my crafting alone. In any case, I remember writing, some time ago, about setting up a bookbinding area in my apartment, but […]

Methods of printing

In July, I attended a continuing education workshop at Simmons College called Print Methods for the Collector and Conservator. Taught by Sarah Smith of Montserrat College of Art and Olfactory Press, this workshop covered some of the most common print methods, attempting to teach attendees how to identify prints in our collections. We even had […]

Multi-section cased-in binding

After the success of my pamphlet and single-section cased-in bindings, I couldn’t wait to bind another book. This time, I went for something more advanced: a multi-section cased-in binding. The single-section notebook is cute, but considering the work and materials that go into making the case for such a small text block, it’s not necessarily […]

My first binding

I’ve been dragging my feet with this for a while, but I finally bound my first book on August 13. The main delay (aside from time spent at work and in my summer class) was actually in choosing the paper. I didn’t want to just buy a ream of printer paper, but a lot of […]

Acme Bookbinding and Harcourt Bindery

On Friday, our class had the privilege of touring Acme Bookbinding (and the connected Harcourt Bindery). Acme is a family business based in Charlestown, MA, and it’s an impressive operation (you can read about the company’s history here). The president, Paul Parisi, took two hours out of his busy day to show us around, and it was […]

Intermediate book repair: Rebacking and recasing

This week’s class focused on some more advanced book repairs, rebacking and recasing. Each of these repairs involves quite a few steps, so rather than describe them here in the detail I did for the basic book repairs, I’m just going to give an overview of what’s involved with each procedure. (Trust me when I […]

Basic book repairs

This week’s class (with guest professor Steve Smith from Wellesley College) focused on book history and basic repairs to books. I won’t go into the history here, since I hope to write more about that in the fall (I’ll be taking a class called History of the Book, so I’ll have plenty of inspiration), but […]