Librarian week in the life, part 1

Twice a year, Bobbi Newman (Librarian By Day) organizes the Library Day in the Life project. This week marks the first time that I’ve participated. I’ve been active on Twitter (@BindObs, #libday8), and I’ve been logging more-detailed daily projects in a notebook. I was going to post these notes at the end of the week, but […]

Preservation/conservation internship

Earlier this month, I started a three-month-long preservation/conservation internship at the Baker Library, Harvard Business School. The library has both general (circulating and serials) and what they call historical (special and archives) collections. Unlike my work at Beatley, which is largely unsupervised (at least in terms of specific repairs), the internship offers me a lot […]

Publishing and the open-access model

There’s a lot of talk in the publishing, academic, and library worlds centering around the open-access model. Since I’ve worked in publishing for just under five years now and am currently pursuing an M.S. in Library and Information Science, it’s an issue I’m intimately familiar with, from multiple angles. On one hand, I see the […]

Workbench discovery: Map

I’ve written very little about my work at Beatley, mostly because it was such a busy term for me. But I do have a few interesting tidbits I’d like to share—interesting discoveries I’ve made while working on different books. These “Workbench discovery” entries will probably be short, but I hope they’ll always be fun. This […]

In the news: Miscellaneous

There’s no theme for this installment of “In the news”—so let’s get right down to it, shall we? From Worcester Telegram & Gazette Have you ever wondered what it’s like being a conservator? This brief piece presents an interview of Babette Gehnrich, chief conservator at the American Antiquarian Society in Worcester, MA, that provides a bit of […]

Photographic processes pop-up book

One of my classes this semester focused on photographic archives. The class culminated in a group assignment for which we were given a fairly free reign, and my group, which was working on the identification of photographic processes, decided to create a pop-up book (along with an Excel spreadsheet with additional information). This book presented […]

My studio

Or, more aptly, my workspace. It’s not really worthy of the word studio, since the room it’s in is devoted to many uses, but maybe one day I’ll have a space that for my crafting alone. In any case, I remember writing, some time ago, about setting up a bookbinding area in my apartment, but […]

Hello, new job!

In September, I had the luck of landing a part-time job at Simmons College’s Beatley Library, as the book mending and repair student worker. It’s been a great experience already. (And many thanks to Jillian and Judy for allowing me to write about those experiences here!) Because there’s no preservation librarian at Beatley, the book repair […]