Reflecting on my internship at Baker Library

At the end of March, I finished up my three-month internship at Baker Library (Harvard Business School), where I worked with Priscilla Anderson, Lisa Clark, and Noah Sheola. Between end-of-semester projects, wedding and honeymoon planning, and other projects, though, I haven’t had a good chance to really sit down and reflect upon my experiences there. […]

Preservation Week 2012

Contrary to popular opinion, the world will not be ending in 2012. Therefore, it still seems reasonable to celebrate for (and education about) Preservation Week. Not sure what that is? Here’s the gist: Preservation Week was created in 2010 because some 630 million items in collecting institutions require immediate attention and care. Eighty percent of […]

Workbench discovery: Related bindings

Late last year, two books (amongst many others) came in for repairs. I noticed that they had very similar blind stamping on the covers, and upon closer examination, I realized that (unsurprisingly) they had come from the same publisher: James Nichol, Edinburgh. The two books were published five years apart, but the publisher’s stamping and […]

In the news: Publishing

There’s been a lot of news in the publishing industry lately, not all of it good (but not all of it bad, either). The following articles have caught my attention in the past month or two. From the Wired Campus blog, The Chronicle of Higher Education It’s fair to say that most of us in […]

Practical origami: Or, making books with naught but paper

In August of last year, I took a continuing education workshop at Simmons College titled “Practical Origami.” Taught by the amazing and delightful Bill Hanscom (if you ever have the chance to work with him, do it!), the workshop focused on basic book, box, and envelope structures that can be made solely out of paper—that […]

Binding Obsession: One year down

One year ago today, Binding Obsession launched in earnest. Since then, I’ve slowly been crawling my way out of obscurity and making a name for myself in the professional library world. I’m pleased with my progress thus far. When Binding Obsession started, it was essentially just a blog. Since then, I’ve tried to supplement these posts with […]

Workbench discovery: Paper mystery

Late last year, an interesting book came into the repair area. It needed a basic paper repair—the first few leaves of the text block had fallen out. At first, I thought that those pages were printed on a different paper, since they had yellowed (and cracked) much more severely than the others. However, I then […]

Librarian week in the life, part 2

My first adventure into the Library Day in the Life project wraps up! Here’s how the rest of the week looked. (If you’re interested in Monday and Tuesday, my internship days, you can read about them in part 1.) Wednesday 6:30 am: I drag myself out of bed later than I’d intended. The morning is […]