I’m slowly accumulating a nice little collection of books (emphasis on little) on the topics of bookbinding, preservation and conservation of paper-based materials, and books in general—not to mention a sizable wish list. If you’re interested in these subjects, consider adding some of the items below to your reading list. (Note that some books may be duplicated under multiple topics).


Golden, Alisa (2011). Making handmade books: 100+ bindings, structures & forms.
Lark Crafts (2008). The Penland book of handmade books: Master classes in bookmaking techniques.
, Benjamin D. (2007). Creating books & boxes: Fun and unique approaches to handmade structures.
Weston, Heather (2008). Bookcraft: Techniques for binding, folding, and decorating to create books and more.
Young, Laura S. (1995). Bookbinding & conservation by hand: A working guide.

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Preservation and conservation

Ballofet, Nelly, and Hille, Jenny (2004). Preservation and conservation for libraries and archives.
Lavedrine, Bertrand (2009). Photographs of the past: Process and preservation.
Ritzenthaler, Mary Lynn (2006). Photographs: Archival care and management.
——— (2010). Preserving archives & manuscripts.
Young, Laura S. (1995). Bookbinding & conservation by hand: A working guide.

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Book history and miscellaneous

Barker, Nicholas (2004). ABC for book collectors.
Basbanes, Nicholas A. (1999). A gentle madness: Bibliophiles, bibliomanes, and the eternal passion for books.
Battles, Matthew (2004). Library: An unquiet history.
Brookfield, Karen (2000). Eyewitness: Book.
Chappell, Warren, and Bringhurst, Robert (2000). A short history of the printed word.
Darnton, Robert (2009). The case for books.
Finkelstein, David, and McCleery, Alistair (2006). A book history reader.
Lavedrine, Bertrand (2009). Photographs of the past: Process and preservation.
Manguel, Alberto (2009). The library at night.

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The Binding Obsession wish list

Banister, Manly Miles (1994). The craft of bookbinding.
Cambras, Josep (2008). Bookbinding techniques and projects.
Conservation Unit Museums and Galleries Commission (1992). The science for conservators series, volume 1: An introduction to materials.
——— (1992). The science for conservators series, volume 2: Cleaning.
——— (1992). The science for conservators series, volume 3: Adhesives and coatings.
Doggett, Sue (1998). Bookworks: Books, memory and photo albums, journals and diaries made by hand.
Ellis, Ian C. (2006). Book finds, 3rd edition: How to find, buy, and sell used and rare books.
Fadiman, Anne (2000). Ex libris: Confessions of a common reader.
Greenfield, Jane (2007). The care of fine books.
Kyle, Hedi (1983). Library materials preservation manual: Practical methods for preserving books, pamphlets and other printed materials.
LaPlantz, Shereen (1998). Cover to cover: Creative techniques for making beautiful books, journals & albums.
Lark (2008). 500 handmade books: Inspiring interpretations of a timeless form.
Lark Books (2011). Masters: Book arts: Major works by leading artists.
Lunning, Elizabeth, and Perkinson, Roy (1996). The Print Council of America paper sample book: A practical guide to the description of paper.
Lyons, Martyn (2011). Books: A living history.
Manguel, Alberto (1997). A history of reading.
——— (2010). A reader on reading.
Miller, Julia (2010). Books will speak plain: A handbook for identifying and describing historical bindings.
Smith, Keith (1995). Volume I non-adhesive binding: Books without paste or glue.
——— (1995). Volume II non-adhesive binding: 1-2- & 3-section sewings.
——— (1995). Volume III non-adhesive binding: Exposed spine sewings.
Watson, Aldren A. (1996). Hand bookbinding: A manual of instruction.
Wolfe, Richard J. (1990). Marbled paper: Its history, techniques, and patterns.

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