Not dead yet

It’s been ages since the Binding Obsession  blog was active; readers have my most sincere apologies. The past few months have brought numerous changes, and blogging (not to mention bookbinding) time has been short—virtually nonexistent.

The last day that a blog entry was schedule to post, Boston—not to mention I—was changed forever. I don’t usually link up my myriad online presences, but if you’re interested in how the marathon bombing influenced me, you can read about it here.

Before those tragic events in Boston and Watertown, several other things occurred in quick succession, resulting in our little family uprooting and moving into the Pioneer Valley, Massachusetts. It’s a beautiful area (in fact, it’s where we were married), and we’re happy to be here, but moving and settling in has resulted in further silence. I hope to remedy this by the end of the summer, but in the meantime, I hope you’ll forgive my reticence as we adjust.

It’s unclear at this point how long the online shop will remain closed, but I do hope to make a showing at a small craft fair in central New Jersey this fall; I hope that those of you in the area will consider stopping by to support me and other artists. Should that pan out, more details will certainly follow.

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