In the News: E-books, E-books, and more E-books

I’ve written about E-books here before—as both a book lover and a digital native, and someone who does plenty of reading in both formats, I find this subject of great importance. I’ve been hoarding a lot of articles on this subject of the past few months, so this will be a long one—and there should be something for everyone (including, happily, poetry lovers like me).

From Pew Internet

Published late last year, this study looks at trends in E-book versus print reading. News flash: the former jumps, and the latter declines.

From Forbes

Given recent legal developments, Jeremy Greenfield offers three predictions about pricing trends for E-books.

From The New York Times

You might have heard about recent patent applications for used-E-book sales. In this brief blog post, David Pogue muses over what the sale of used E-books could mean from an economic standpoint.

From TechCrunch

A brief look at how publishing companies are adjusting—or not—to current trends, based on a recent Bowker report. If you’re up for a longer (and excellent) read, see also the basis for this article: Richard Nash’s piece in The Virginia Quarterly Review, “What is the business of literature?

From Forbes

In addition to the article above, a few months ago, Forbes published an excellent two-part series: The Wrong War Over eBooks: Publishers Vs. Libraries and Why Public Libraries Matter: And How They Can Do More.

From The Guardian

Stuart Kelly muses over the differences between print books and E-books and speculates about what this tells us about the nature of what and how we read.

From The Wall Street Journal

Here, Greg Bensinger takes a look at recent trends in sales of both dedicated E-readers and tablets.

From The Washington Post

Poetry has a tense relationship with E-readers. Find out why—and consider how E-readers might influence the development of modern poetry—in this article by Lonnae O’Neal Parker.

From Gizmodo

This one isn’t about E-books specifically, but digital copyright is an important, related topic. This Gizmodo piece gives an excellent overview of the issues surrounding digital copyright and suggests how they might be resolved.

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