Potential downtime this weekend

Starting tomorrow (or perhaps this evening, if I’m feeling up to it), Binding Obsession will be making the move to a self-hosted WordPress.org installation. WordPress.com has been good to me, but I’m starting to feel stifled by its limitations, and if I’m going to spend money to make this website look the way I want it to, I’d like to get increased functionality out of the deal, as well.

This in unfamiliar territory to me, but I hope that everything will be running smoothly again by Monday. I suspect that the installation itself won’t take too long, but I also plan on doing a lot of playing with the site’s look, starting with a new theme. I’ve had to do some hack-ish things to get posts to look the way I want them to in the past, so this might mean my going through all of the old content to remove that messiness. But even if things look awry for the next few days, the content itself should (hopefully) always be available.

So if you do happen to visit over the weekend and see things in disarray, never fear; Binding Obsession will be looking sharp again—or, hopefully, sharper than ever—before long.

Edit: I’m not exactly sure how this will affect subscriptions yet. It looks like I should be able to have E-mail subscriptions transferred (if there are even any of you out there), but if you’re subscribed via WordPress.com (i.e., that gray bar that appears at the top of the site if you’re logged in), I think you’ll have to actively subscribe again after the move. As for the RSS, we’ll know when we get there. Keep an eye on Twitter and/or Facebook or check back here if you’re unsure if you’re receiving notifications for new posts.

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