My studio

Or, more aptly, my workspace. It’s not really worthy of the word studio, since the room it’s in is devoted to many uses, but maybe one day I’ll have a space that for my crafting alone. In any case, I remember writing, some time ago, about setting up a bookbinding area in my apartment, but I don’t believe I ever posted the pictures I promised. Given how busy I am with group projects and term papers, this seems like the perfect time for a quick and easy post. So, I hope you enjoy the tour!


  1. Workspace overview. My main work area. Tools and my binder of technique print-outs are on the left, and a few other supplies and tools are on the right.
  2. Supply storage. To the right is my main storage area. You can see some cardboard tubes of Japanese tissue and book cloth off to the right. There’s also a makeshift trash bin for recycling paper scraps.
  3. More storage. To the left, I’ve set up a stool for a few more odds and ends—a tin with some finished books and sample books, and folders with scrap supplies.
  4. Workspace in action. There’s a nice view of my window containers from the desk, especially when the sun hits the leaves just right. It’s extremely pleasant in the afternoons.

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